The retired assasin Part 3

I’ve been very tired lately.
So I’ve not had the energy to sit down, and write something over a long period of time.
I’ve been having friends over a lot too, so…

“The ‘retired’ assasin” Part 1 link.

“The ‘retired’ assasin” Part 2 link.

The Retired assasin was now watching the large man closely.
He thought “Thats not how you really look fella..” , he just knew that the man he saw was an illusion, there could be no other reason for the guys with the “orders” to pay him a visit.
He decided that it had to be someone he knew or once had known, and as he did the illusion was no longer what his eyes saw.
His eyes was now studying the confusing process of the illusion’s self destruction, at first, it switched back and forth between what the object/person really looked like faster and faster, and when it started to switch back and forth so fast that you could only see a blur, then the blur turned back into the illusion and it gradually retreated, revealing what was meant to be hidden by the illusion, quite slowly.
As expected the former assasin now had his eyes on a more slim and taller person.
“Why are you here Frindel?” The assasin asked loudly while he was trying to figure out just that.
“I…” The man named Frindel said.
“You were not supposed to pay me a visit unless you were in some kind of emergency?” The assasin asked angrily.
“We need you back in the old town.. The whole shit is about to be controlled by Shadow Slayers..
If we don’t do anything soon, the place will be lost. Do you want mad priests controlling your birth place?”
Frindel answered in a voice tinged by irritation.
“The old town was never really important to you now was it?” The assasin asked.
“It always was, its just that I wasn’t as passionate about building things as you were Telizer. And besides, most of my few remaining friends are stuck there.” Frindel said.
The former assasin named Telizer walked closer to the ruins of his door.
“And what makes you think that I want to help?” Telizer asked as he stopped nearly 1 foot from the ruins of the door..
“You want to help because the old town is still important to you, if not that, I got a bag of gold from the rest of the resistance.” Frindel said as he rattled the bag hanging from his belt.
Telizer looked seemingly uninterested at the bag of gold, and said.
“What would you have me do for the bag o’ gold?”
“Simply lead the mob of people that are against the mad priests in skirmishes and the like.” Frindel said.
Telizer looked incredolously at Frindel, and burst out.
“You want an untrained old man without any experience to lead your forces to battle?”
“Its not what you are that matters, it is what the enemy and your mob thinks you are, to lay it out pretty simple, they won’t be looking at this old shell.” Frindel said with a wicked smile.
Telizer gaped at Frindel as he realized what his one time friend was planning…
He realized that he never should have trusted the man with his whereabouts, or anyone else for that matter, soon everybody he’d once known would bloody well be standing at his doorstep demanding favors.
Telizer turned around looked Frindel straight into his green eyes and said,
“I can’t say I like your idea but it might work, and since the ol’ place s’ at stake, I’ll play along for a little while.”
He cast one last look towards the pitifully skinny man lying inside his damaged hut, and walked outside.
“If we need to get there quickly, I know just the trick”
Telizer said smiling, his eyes shining like diamonds in the sun, as he stood on the grassy ground outside his doorstep.

© Copyright Ragnar, The owner of this blog, 2006


"The ‘retired’ assasin" Part 2.

I mentioned in my last post that my creativity was back, and this is one of the many results as a cause of that.
“The ‘retired’ assasin” Part 1 link
“The ‘retired’ assasin” Part 2.

The assasin looked at the large, well-built man standing in front of the splinters left of his door.
He quickly twirled his knives and hid them in his sleeves with amazing speed.
“King, me?” He said incredolously and laughed.
“I can barely afford to live in this simple hut, or do they by any chance call this a palace where you’re from?”
He continued slowly in a farmer’s accent.
The large man burst out in laughter.
“Not that kind of king, for quite a long period a time, a little while ago, you were known as ‘The king of Shadows’ but the fact that we found you hidden here, tells me that you were not worthy of such a glorious title.” The large man said, eyening the sleeves of the retired assasin briefly.
“Another assasin” the retired assasin thought, “Here out of jealousy perhaps”..
“I still don’t understand what you are talking of, if you are in requirement of an assasin’s services I suggest you get out of here now, and quickly, because there ain’t no man living in these woods that are gonna give you that.” He said, in a different accent this time, something more of a minor merchant from a city.
The tall sinewy thin man that had stood completely still for such a long time, strode quickly into the room and said.
“We do not need or require anything from you.. We are here for other matters, we have brought you orders.”
The former assasin, eyed the thin man wearily, he realized quickly that he was the leader of the two, because he was the one with the most expencive clothes and weapons.
“What orders and from whom?”
The retired assasin whispered fiercely to the man with the orders.

“The orders are from the king, of what matter they are, I do not know, nor do I mind being kept ignorant..
I’m only supposed to give you these bloody orders, escort you to Frinleod’s castle and forget it ever happened.”

He said as he handed over the roll of parchment to the former assasin.
“I do not need orders good sir, nor will obey them when I get them.. I am a free man, not one of the king’s slaves.”
The former assasin said loudly.
“Well, I’m afraid you have to, if you do not follow us willingly, we are ordered to bring you forth by force, or kill you in the process ?”
The thin man said threateningly.
The assasin decided to read his orders before doing anything rash.

Hello Trizor, Its been a long time, and I need one last favor of you, I know you never really wanted to be an assasin and all that, and I also know that of the 150 you are supposed to have killed, only 10 were relieved of the burden of life by your hands.
You always wanted to lead an army, you were never a coward, so what I’m prepared to offer you my old friend, is a place as one of my generals and a new identity.

Lord of the seas, and King of the east.

The retired assasin that had been prepared to kill the visitors, was now unsure what to do.
“A real king wouldn’t write something as simple as that in a formal letter” he thought.
“Zertain is KING now? When did the old man die?”
The former assasin asked, trying his best to sound shocked and convinced.
“Not even a month ago, I’m not surprised that you’ve not heard it yet, considering this shithole you’re living in.” The large man said.
“When do we leave?” the former assasin asked eagerly.
The thin sinewy man strode against the former assasin who seemingly was not the least afraid of the man who was closing in on him.
The former assasin punched the thin man in the nose so fast that his hand blurred.
As the man collapsed into a heap on the floor, the last thing he heard before falling into unconsciousness was “Almost too easy old fella..”.

End part 2 The retired assasin..
The President of UPD
(United Posts of Dust on a dusty road.)

The creativity is back I think

Today I’ve been having lots of new Ideas on stories thats “in the workshop”..
I feel the urge to continue some of the stories I’ve started during my time blogging over here, so I’ll try to continue something and I’ll be back later.. I hope..

The President of The UPD

(Translation UPD = United Posts of Dust on a Dusty Road)

9/11 Poem..

A drop of water fell silently through the air, allthough it was falling, there was no sign of anything anywhere near it, so it might as well have been standing still.
What gave the movement away, was the disturbance on the drop’s, otherwise perfect surface, caused by the tiny resistance that the air around it offered.
The light of a rising sun caused the drop of water to glow red, and the red color spread throughout the drop as the surface rippled and the shining light reflected upon the single straw of perfectly green grass that was placed in the middle of a gold wasteland mainly consisting of dirt and jagged rocks, allthough the one straw of grass seemed tiny in comparision to the rest of the wasteland, it was clear that the one drop, the one red drop, of water was heading towards the one straw of grass placed in the middle of a gold wasteland.
The drop continued to fall silently towards the straw of grass, and when drop and straw met, not a whisper of a sound was created, because they met not in collision, but in embrasement.
This was how the nature silently paid its respect to humanity and its loss, the wind did not even move the grass slightly, as it bent under the red drop of water’s weight.
Together they made a contrast filled candle, a candle lit with the help of both wind and sun, a candle made respectfully by the nature of whom we came.
Together the perfectioned red drop of water, and the amazingly green straw of grass, was paying their respects to humanity that so many times had abused them.
Together they formed a candle for those who died, and those who were left behind on September The 11th 2001.


The morals of rich corporation owners equals nothing.

Some people do not own morals.
They are simply not blessed with such a humanly thing as humanity..
They seem to be unable to add other people into the image of their world.
I’m not talking about most people, just some people, like for example The Coca Cola company ruins water resources in India, even though they made an agreement to preserve exactly the same resources.
This is just one example of companies that values morals the same as they value a piece of dogshit..
How would you like to drink water filled with acids and garbage from a Coca Cola factory?
And to work there only to be paid a 10th of the amount of a normal american citizen?
How would it make you feel, that the factory that was placed near you broke all the requirements that were required for it to stay there in the first place, and that the only reason it was still there was because the factory’s owners bribe the local politicians to speak in the factory’s favor?
If you leave powerful people unchallenged for too long they are bound to check were the boundry goes.
The whole “money is power” system that is the basing for todays society is corrupt to its foundations.
So basically to remove corruption entirely from the world, we must change the way society is set up.
To remove corruption from our system we must disable the so called karismatic people’s opportunity to dupe most of the other people, lead them behind the light, and get to power from other people’s

Happy birthday to me../Open post(Yes again..)

Yes, today the 10th of september is my birthday, and forgive me for not Writing my 9/11 tributes today, but I want to stay happy to some extent..
I will not tell you how old I am, I can quite honestly say that I’m very young, and I’ll leave the rest for your imagination and the picture of me you can base on previous posts.
I don’t have time to post much more today, because some friends are coming down any moment, after that we’ll get over to the cinema or rent some movies, so I’ll leave most of the writing for my visitors today.
Please feel free to spit out your political opinions, or rants about the big companies, or tell us how stupid celebrities are..
All thats left for me to say now, is Have a nice day, and if you are mourning lost ones, I hope all the nice tributes out there in the blogging world will help you get through the day.
And that I’ll be back to post something of more creative and intellectual substance later 🙂
I realize now that today is not the best possible day to post jokes, so I’ll wait until “The day afte tomorrow”(not the movie).
But Still, I’ll be back, and feed you with something a lot harder to decipher later on.

President of the UPD(United posts of Dust on a Dusty Road.)

The dilemmas of life../Open Post

Have you ever had the feeling that if you took the opportunity and did what you really wanted, it would have dire consequenses later on in your life?
(I feel like that all day long, I mean, I wanna kill all those bastard arrogant teachers that think they’re smarter than me, but I refrain from doing so simply because of the cosequences.. I’m actually quite proud :p)
Its not always about as dailyday things as wanting to kill your teachers though, you might for example, get a new job offer, or get a publishing offer from two publishing companies.(or having to choose between two of your favourite dinner choices.. :D)
This is actually my first open post, simply because I want to post SOMETHING in my blog today but I’m at what I call, a Creative breakdown..
Anyhow, I want to hear a little about your dailyday dillemas, or out of the ordinary dilemmas, and if you have a post on the dilemmas of life I’ll be glad to read it..
So please, use this opportunity to talk about, almost everything(even tell me how much you like/hate my blog), and market your name and blog at the same time 🙂

The President of the UPD (United Posts of Dust on a Dusty Road)


The fools of the world, are still waiting to be killed.
The fires of hell are not easily chilled.
To escape, you must know that the answer is simple.
Just believe in god, and praise each and every pimple.

If you believe that, then you are one of the fools,
To escape the devil, you must be more than just cool.
The mind is needed, in a fiery maze.
And when your friends dissapear without one single trace.

To escape, you must outsmart the evil being.
That can destroy whatever you are seeing.
To escape, you must jump over fires, mile high.
There is no other way, unless you just won’t die.

To escape the devil is impossible, but you can at least try..

"The ‘Retired’ Assasin" Part 1

An owl hooted, as the sound of steps neared a small clearing, in the midst of a dense oak forest.
The clearing was about 20 paces accros, and formed in an almost perfect circle.
The clearing was floored with grass, and the only tree was standing almost in the middle, to the left of a small house.
The house was made out of solid wood, was unpainted, only one floor tall, had 2 small windows, and a massive front door.
The house was what in those days were called, a forester’s hut, it was a simple building, where men or women could live in pact with nature, and live on the fruits given by mother earth’s generousity.
But, this perticular hut, was not the home of such a peaceful creature.
This was the home, of one of the most wanted men in the history of crime, the master of assasination, now retired, with a name, only his closest friends knew, all others, feared and knew him as, the king of shadows.

He had once speacialized in sneaking up behind his victims, pricking them on the arm with the point of his knife, and when they turned around, almost immediately, he cut their throats, because stabbing people in the back, was a cowards way out, and besides, he had once liked being showered in the warm blood.
The man who lived there, did not look anything like the assasin he had once been, he was almost skinny, tall, had long limbs looking like thin branches, rough brown hair, and green eyes.
He sat in a chair, in the combined kitchen and living room, and appeard to read a book that lay upon the decorated table, in the otherwise plain room.
There was a book shelf with a few but large books in it, an old fireplace made out of some grey stone that was full of cracks, and a decorated work table, where he prepared food for cooking, and carved different wooden items, if the weather was bad.
The sound of steps was nearing now, he had known someone was coming for quite a long time, and he was prepared for them, whatever their business with him might be.
He saw two shadows passing his small window, and thought “I’m not that old, I can still handle two, if need be.” The steps continued, and then stopped, before a rapid set of knocks on the door broke the silence.
The assasin had always thought letting people knock themselves bored on the door, and seing what they did next, was a good idea, because opening the door to the wrong sort of people could get you hurt, or worse.
“Better cautious than scarred” he whispered silently to himself, as another set of knocks, louder this time, interrupted the soothing silence.
If these people were of the right sort, he wouldn’t hear more knocks, then he would open the door, and yell them back, but if they were of the wrong sort, they would probably knock down the door.


The axe he used for cutting wood was now stuck through the door, and the men standing outside was trying to kick in what was left of it.
When the door finally gave way, the former assasin was wielding two, razor sharp, curved and generously decorated blades, forged of the finest steel.
“Well KING, we meet at last..” A cloaked man said in a sarcastic voice to the former assasin.

© Copyright 2006 Ragnar, The owner of this blog.

"Sneak Preview" A thread of hope.

Its a few days since I’ve posted anything creative so I thought I’d give you
a sneak preview of the 1st part of my upcoming novel ‘A thread of Hope’

A mild south east wind blew slowly throughout the charred town,
and spread the macabre smell of death and ashes through the windows
of the few houses left intact.
It was placed around the top of a scorched round hill, was about 2000 feet east,
west, north and south, it was surrounded by a wooden palisade, and
the top was surrounded by 20 feet tall reinforced granite walls..
The streets were literally soaked with blood, crushed coal lay
spread on top, and to make matters worse, random body parts lay everywhere.
This left the road looking like a river of bloody and chunky meat soup,
spiced with pepper.
The houses that were standing were literally falling apart,
and all walls were charred black.

However there where two locations that stood out from the devastated town.
One, a humongous castle surrounded by granite walls, which stood on the top of the hill, in the
center of the town.
The other a great stone tower, almost 10 feet in diameter and more than 100 feet tall.
This Tower was located 20 paces from the castle’s outer wall, was made out of almost shiny, white stone, had a small paved plaza around it, a round platform with steps that it stood on,
one great iron door, and no holes, in the smooth stone walls, except at the top, where the tower suddenly changed into a giant sphere made out of massive crystal, with two balconies.
In one of the many rooms of the castle, the throne room to be exact, the young Mayor was talking to one of his generals.

© Copyright 2006 All rights Reserved, Ragnar T. Miljeteig

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