To rome for me…

Great men has once said that all roads leads to rome, and by saying “great men” I do not mean men whose power has enabled them to terrorize their people in terrible ways, I mean men who has had the wisdom to realize that even though the centre of wisdom did not exist, the centre of power was indeed the centre of power do exist, and this enables for the possibility of a centered world, that gets ideas and inspiration from the centre of power.
Somehow I find that the time has come for me to travel to this never forgotten once upon a time centre of power. I will see if I can bring you some photos of my own when i return.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s day y’all!
(And to those that realize that Valentine’s Day is a product of capitalism, well, have a good regular day.. lol)

Serial killers.

Most serial killers are seriously deluded, in other words, totally insane crackheads that think they do stuff for reasons that are made up of 95% complete bullshit. Some of them are so insane that they do it for what they call “fun”, they do it because they like it, and some (in my eyes the most seriously insane crackheads) do it because they believe it helps their victims. I wonder how one human being belive it has the right to actually decide whats good for another human being. And espescially how can a human being kill another human being based on his/her beliefs. What made these people known as serial killers act the way they have done? It’s often said that child molesters where molested themselves as a child, but it’s quite hard for a living serial killer to have been killed by a serial killer when he/she was a child, so what turns these people into the monsters they become? I believe that if a childs childhood is incredibly lacking, the child will evolve a distrust in the kindness of the human race, and this can start the process of insanity overtaking the mind.

Is it impossible to stop?

No, according to crimelibrary there have been several cases where the Men/women actually turn themselves in to the police, some even expressing remorse over their actions.

How to eradicate them forever?

I don’t think its possible to remove serial killers completely from society as there probably are quite a few that are still working out there, roaming free still. And to minimize the size of a newer generation of serial killers it’s important for adults to remember to take proper care of their children.

Blog of the day, what ? It’s me?!?

Where did that come from? I’ve been getting like not very many visitors for the last few days, and my creativeness has been hiding from me, and yet. I receive an award, how weird is that ? Anyway, thanks to the one that nominated me to the award, and of course the owner of the blog that gave me the award.
Thanks mom and dad, for not encouraging me to write, thanks to all my english teachers giving me higher grades than I deserve because of my evolved vocabulary, thanks to all my readers, and thanks to Mr. Fab at Pointless drivel for being a spreader of drivel, oh and thanks to Msdemmie for her ongoing support, you really need to visit her blog, it was her that should have gotten this award..
Thanks everyone

Non existant creativeness..

Wait, is that even a word ? lol.. Anyhow, does anyone have some sort of elixir or yoghurt or milkshake, or cake, or cookie, or SOMETHIGN!?!? That can refill my dose of creativity ? If you do.. Please, seirously, PLEASE post a comment with a link to it or something.. lol..


The hunters, Poem.

The sky was black on a winter night.
And clouds were hiding the stars so bright.
The forest as ever was full of trees.
And the leaves were all moved by the lightest breeze.

There were no shadows as there were no light.
But still you could hear the sounds of a fight.
The animals that lived in the forest so huge.
Were fighting to get themselves the right to refuge.

From the hunters out there calm in the night.
The animals wanted to hide, but never got it right.
The deadliest animals ever to be in sight.
Were sitting on the hill watching the animals fight.
The hunters so deadly they were, at night.
The hunters so deadly they were, at night.

The animals fought and though some did win.
They almost immediately got punished for their sin.
As the hunters decided that the time was right.
The hunters so deadly they were at night.

They loaded and readied their guns just right.
The clicks were never heard amidst the fight.
The animals did everything wrong that night.
The hunters so deadly they were at night.

Sunrise was still far away.
The fighting had lead the animals astray.
The hunters aimed and let their bullets fly.
And every single one of the animals did die.

The animals did everything wrong that night.
The hunters so deadly they are at night.

The ‘retired’ asssasin part 8.

As Rendal was looking over his restless men, he could not help but wonder if any of them actually betrayed them, allthough their betrayal might be the only reason that they were alive and free now, it could present humongous problems later. Actually, if there was a betrayer, and if he somehow managed to contact the thieves, most likely none of them would survive this week. God how he hated the damn mondays!

Your plan worked master, you might have saved his and many of his men’s lives.
Sarize thought intently, and made it wander, wander until it reached her master’s mind.
Of course it worked! Have I ever given you any reason to doubt my abilities?
The thought was forced into her mind like a nail into a plank.
Her simple answer brought a long silence upon her mind, after the series of intense interruptions it had suffered this last hour, finally being able to relax was soothing.
The boy must live, see to it that he does, and remember, you suffer the same fate as him.
With this he was gone, no longer did his presence torment her mind.
Not only shall he be alive, he shall serve our will.
Sarize thought.