About me..

I realize that I’ve not let you know much about me, so I think it is about time I let the world know a few things about my person. I’m young, I bet you’ve realized that allready.. Anyhow, I’ve never experienced being in love and as it is of today, I dinstance myself from all the bs thats going on about everyone needing love cause I’m managing quite fine over here. I’m a bit paranoid, I hate self pity, in myself and in others, and most of the times I am almost content with my life, and this almost contentness sometimes leads to loneliness, depression, and hated self-pity which does not last more than a few minutes at a time cause I am able to think of other things or do something. Allthough I’m trying to make a few changes in it, I either am not motivated enough for it or simply do not have the will power to do it, cause I am failing at changing the daily course of my life. I have just been in Rome, and allthough a bit dissapointed at the taste of the food there vs. restaurants in small towns in Toscana, the food was definately not why I was there and the days went on like this. Breakfast – Sightseeing – Lunch – Sightseeing – Reading in my bed at the hotel – Dinner – More reading. I took a few photos, I think it was 100 or 200. I will get about adding them later.
I don’t have a lot of friends, I have like 4-5 friends which I spend my weeks with. My hobbies are music, playing the base gituar and movies. Thats actually all I can come up with right now.