The internet is my drug

What I mean is whenever I feel disappointed or sad or anything in real life I just go on the internet (other peoples blogs/a web-based game) and it makes me forget everything for a while, which is a way better solution than alcohol or narcotics in my opinion, Also it is highly addictive I spend over half my awake hours per day on the computer most days. The games/blogs absorb me into their world and when I’m done playing or reading somehow I almost always feel better. Also it’s relaxing to escape from the harshness of the real world from time to time, that’s all for now.

Have a great friday 🙂


Commenting is good!

I believe that commenting on other peoples blogs is very good for your own blog. For example:

1. It leads blog readers to your blog.

If you make a serious comment most likely some of the readers will pay a visit to your blog.

2. It makes the blog owner notice your blog(some exceptions)

For example when I get a comment I tend to check out the commenter’s blog and read a few posts.

3. It can start an online friendship that leads to back/forth linking.

Got most of my links/blogger friends simply commenting 🙂

How does this affect your blog? More direct readers, and indirectly with time might increase your search engine ranking, plus you might make some new friends.

Tricked by Design

Have any of you noticed there’s a lot of blogs lately that look like their topic is one thing but when you read it the posts are 100% unrelated? I mostly read new blogs when I use blog traffic exchanges, and I must say that this has been a problem for me as design is an important factor for how much time I decide to spend on the blog, and of course if I would like to read about a topic and the blog looks like it’s about that topic I would spend some time reading posts downwards and downwards and after a while when I realize hey, there’s nothing on that topic here, I’ve already spent 5 minutes where I could have earned more credits. So I’ve decided to focus a lot more on headlines and content and less on Design when looking for new blogs to read, and I advise you to do the same as that might just give you a new favorite blog.

Also I’ve refound my enthusiasm for blogging thanks to Jason Boom for showing me that someone not only read but appreciated my posts.

Have a great friday!

Blogging “Schedule”

I’ve decided that for the next 2 weeks I will spend at half an hour every 2 days on my blog, if it’s writing a post surfing for inspiration or surfing for traffic I don’t know yet but probably a mix of the three and hopefully I will spend more time than that, also I hope that by doing this I will gain and keep more readers that are not afraid to comment.

Untitled, for now.

So here I am again, disgusted with my own blog’s inactivity and my own uncreativity, I mean look at me, I can’t even think up a title much less write poems/anything else creative. Therefore I decided to sit down, take a deep breath and try to force something out by force. (Yes the force!)  My computer was unusable for most of a day and had under 3 gigabytes of space for half this week, finally today the new harddrive arrived but had some problems installing it as it didn’t want to be a slave. There’s one thing that frustrates me more than anything else about my blog and it is the lack of feedback, whoever you are I don’t care how old you are, how smart you are, how well-read or if you even have a blog of your own, if you read my posts please comment, feel free to tell me how bad the post is or how good it is or what could make it better/what makes it a bad post. I’m always trying to improve my blogg but it’s a bit hard without feedback, do you think my posts are messy, comment, if u loved the post, comment(would cheer me up as well), if you disagree with my post, comment, even if u hate my post, comment and make me understand what you hated about it. Also surf carefully these days, from what i hear some ugly stuff is being camouflaged these days.

Have a great weekend!