Randomness, awaited(or maybe not) creative work.

Thank anyone who votes for me in BoB battles for the continued support somehow I keep winning which is unfathomable to me. Later in this post will be added some random part of a story I’ve worked on for some time, in my head that is. And remember that this is but a small part of that story. Don’t read this is you are easily shaken or feel offended by words, and remember that’s all it is and will ever be.

The wind travelled softly past the curtains covering the lone open window in a small room, the room was part of an inn, one of the more respected and well treated inns in the area, the wind brought with it the terrible stench from assorted animal dung and human sewage into the tiny room. The huge bed was one of two pieces of furniture in the room the other being a tiny table with a bowl of now cold water in it. The bed consisted of a massive oaken frame, with four bed posters, three of which had a rope tied around them, inside the frame was an old feather mattress, that had been expensive a long time ago. The rug that usually was on top of the mattress was lying on the floor to the right of the large bed, in it’s place was a young man. The young man was tall, 6 feet at the very least, with short and ruffled brown hair. He was wearing a thin woolen shirt and something that would have passed for woolen trousers if they had not been thin enough to be almost opaque. Both of the young man’s arms and his left foot was tied to the nearest of the bed posts. The young man lying in the large bed in the middle of the rented room started noticing the not quite subtle steps that were made all around him, he slowly opened his eyes to such a tiny exctent that the intruders would not notice that he had come to from his deep state of sleep.

The intruders were women dressed in cloth of such a dark grey that it seemed like black in the unlit room, and as his mind neared complete awareness he recognized them and as a result he drew a sudden loud breath and the women froze for a second, there were three, no four of them. “Shit,” he whispered “I know who you are.” his whisper was frantic but at the same time he seemed angry. “Damn, he woke early.” One of the women whispered, “Well nothing to fear, just one foot left anyway.” As in response, the young man slammed his only untied foot into the stomach of the only woman within his reach. The impact slammed the young woman into the nearest wall and merely luck kept her ribs from breaking. “Don’t come closer or I..” he stopped as the nearest woman in a flash of movement half-lay half sat upon him, pressing the blade of a small knife against his throat. “Why don’t you stop right about there boy.” She said, flashing him a wild smile. “You know, men are so predictable, instead of keeping their calm and thinking a situation through they panic, they always do, just like you did now. Do you think the choice you made a few seconds ago wise now?” She said silently, the young man slowly shook his head. “I thought not, now tie the remaining leg..” “Please don’t” he silently interrupted, the woman raised a questioning brow “Don’t do it” “I haven’t done anything, I never raped a woman, I haven’t even hurt one.” he continued the words interrupted by frantic breaths. The woman who now sat on top of his chest sighed, “That’s not what I heard, and if you do not quiet down soon I will be forced to do it for you.” She said. Is he really lying? How can anyone look that innocent without trying to anyway, no he must just be trying to look that way she thought. And showed him the piece of dirty cloth in her left hand. The woman started slicing cutting his shirt in half while the two women that remained standing tied his right foot to the nearest post. “I won’t drink it” He said, refering to the herbal tea that forced men to erection against their will, that he had heard about in the tales about these women, seemingly they had encountered problems with that while attempting to rape the notorious rapists he had heard about. “I doubt that you will need to.” She said noticing the bulge between the man’s legs. “Shit” he said, and blushed slightly noticing for the first time the beauty of the woman sitting on top of him, she was more than gorgeous, perfect black hair, sparkling blue eyes and the most.. Holy horse dung I am stupid he thought, I am about to be raped and all I can think about is the looks of my attackers, where did my brains fly off to he wondered. The woman smiled at his slight blush, but didn’t notice the bulge diminishing as the young man thought of the most disgusting things he had ever seen, larvae crawling inside the corpse of an unknown beheaded man. He drew a deep breath just as she tore the remnants of his woolen shirt off him, she quickly rose herself off his chest and silently jumped down on the floor. “Third?” She said, “Yes, first?” one of the women answered, somehow the voice seemed familiar to the young man, impossible he thought. “He’s all yours.” she whispered happily, her smirk making her white teeth glow in the dark. “What do you meaarrhg” the young man was interrupted as the woman known as the first shoved the piece of filthy cloth into his mouth.

The woman known as the third rose onto the bed and sat down on top of the young man’s belly, his eyes were pleading her not to. Every fibre of his body is begging me not to, gods, after all this, and I can’t do it. She sighed and said, “He didn’t do it.” , “Didn’t do what” the first asked, “He didn’t do it, he never raped anyone, I lied about it.” The first visibly shivered in anger “You what? Oh by the lord above, why would you do such a thing? I must admit I was sceptical as the innkeeper praised him as highly as she did, and I’ve never heard her talk well of a man before, but it was your word against hers and I trusted yours..” The third shrank away from the judging look the first gave her, “It’s just that it’s been my turn for weeks now, and this guy seemed suspiscous enough.” she said refusing to meet the first’s eyes, “Suspiscious?” she muttered in reply “This is the most wide-eyed innocent lad of his age I have ever seen, for all I know you might as well be in love with the poor lad. And as I have told you before, this is a scenario that should have never occured, selecting innocent targets lowers us to the level of the rapists causing fear not only among them but men in general, and as we all know, fear is dangerous..” She was interrupted by the young man spitting the dirty cloth out, “That’s you Erin, isn’t it?” He nearly shouted at the woman sitting atop him, abruptly a hand hit him hard on the side of his neck and his he fell down on the pillow, the man now unconcious. “Oh holy lord, you know him too? You’ve just about given this lad a death sentence without him doing anything, anything at all.” The third stared at her trembling hands, “We could take him with us” She said silently.. A few minutes later the four of them were trying to manouever the limp body of a man through the relatively small window and onto the street just a foot or two below, “Great oh just bloody great.” The first muttered, not seeing the small satisfied grin of the third, once again she had gotten what she wanted.

That will be it for now i think, will add more later.


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  1. March 20, 2008 at 4:46 am

    I’ll vote for you just to keep you writing!

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