Well, I ended up trying to bore you with details about my pretty regular life after all. At the same time I am trying to think of a starting line for a poem. Let’s see, the vacation was over even before September, the 18th of august actually, school is not particularly bad this year as I’m done with French classes and Math classes (no offense to math/french lovers, I’m not bad at math but I’ve got no real interest in it neither do i really dislike it but it’s really hard to motivate myself to do something that I have no real interest in especially when I’m pretty sure I won’t need it in my future occupation. About french I seem to have developed a phobia against it along the way, (teacher’s diagnose) so I am rendered unable to remember any rules and words, the one thing I did do right was the pronouncement and based on that and that only I barely passed french last year.) Even so the only class that I am able to actually enjoy having is my Japanese classes, sometimes I feel like I was meant to talk Japanese instead of my native language (Norwegian). I simply love the way it sounds, and even the written language looks to my liking, although it gets pretty complicated with Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. The Norwegian classes have also been slightly interesting lately as we’ve been learning about old poetry and poets and a few writers. I also received a new computer (An Acer laptop) from my parent’s on Friday as a delayed birthday present, the other thing I got from them was a “Tie-needle”(don’t know what it’s called in English) in gold from Barcelona.

Well, the weather is good for some reason, the air is still bad and I’ve still not decided on what to do next year.

Regards from Norway.



I just can’t seem motivated to just write about my boring daily doings, therefore I’ll try to post a few of the poems I write here now and then.