Everlasting, endless, forever.
The time you wish for comes never.
The wish for happiness soon forgotten.
Time continues till bodies turn rotten.

The grains of sand in the hourglass.
The rolex watch as a token of class.
Mankind’s shallowness continues to surprise.
Out of it the darkness of evil may rise.

The happy endings in fariy tails.
The actors bathing in countless fan mails.
Tools for altering ones emotions.
Are known to cause quite the commotions.

Time inadvertedly changes them back.
The altered emotions that got lost from their track.
Ultimately children of the soil we are.
Rarely do we stray from it too far.

Time ensures the return of us all.
Plants and animals alike get the call.
Time defeats it all in the end.
Wishes, dreams and emotions, my friend.