Perfect funeral music. (Poem)

Another poem inspired by happenings in the outside world.

The eerie yet beatiful sound of the piano spread slowly throughout the air
Like a magnificent fish slowly swimming through clear water
The sounds sparkling in ears like tiny rainbows created by a waterfall in the sun
The eerie melody conjuring a moment of magnificent sadness in the listeners
Reminding them of what was gone and at the same time the magnificence that might await.

Continuing further the waves of sound refused to disappear until everyone were enlightened.
The moment was to be spent in happiness and sadness to best present the manner of human life.
Waves of sound enhancing the concentration until the moment seemed to linger.
As if a last demonstration of the true stubborn nature of the deceased.


Swine flu – The fake pandemic.

Yet another overhyped flu, makes you wonder about the real motives of the media…

Obama – Really the savior?

As I am an outsider, not living in the US, never having visited the US and knowing only a limited amount of US oriented people, I can’t help but wonder if I really get the correct picture. Most of what I hear about him comes from Jon Stewart’s sarcasm(weirdly enough accompanied by grimaces or remarks so strange you start to wonder why he’s not in some sort of asylum) and the regular news, not being a big fan of newspapers or news in general mainly because of all the hearsay/gossip and the amazing amount of information I couldn’t care less about. Well I’d rather not have it in my head anyway, I doubt that I’ve been given a realistic picture of what he’s really been up to, so if you are an American, and you have a spare minute, could you please tell me if you’ve noticed any actual difference after Obama gave his vows?`

As far as I have heard he’s having a difficulty running a policy that’s almost identical to the ones his worst “enemies” had when they were in charge.

Poem – Dreaming

Mankind’s very own evil
May continue to seem surreal
Through the night or through the day
It’s all a bunch of crap some might say
Dreaming truth or dreaming lies
Silence but for the buzz of flies

However truth is rarely told
By the masses of humans who think they are bold
Continuing throughout our lives
The evil of mankind thrives.
Dreaming truth or dreaming lies
Silence but for the buzz of flies

Growing growing everlasting
Evil’s hold on the world casting
The world itself into shadow’s hold
The darkest of stories that remain untold.
Dreaming truth or dreaming lies
Silence but for the buzz of flies

Yet in humans hope still resides
In silence those people the evil abides
But one day the truth will come forth
In the east, west, the south and the north
Dreaming truth or dreaming lies
Silence but for the buzz of flies

One hundred.. and Fifty (Fiction)

The man opened his eyes slowly, and to his surprise found himself standing in the middle of a road in something remotely similar to the American suburbs he had once known so well. He paid no notice to the truck heading his way, and continued walking towards it. The first sign of impact was when his nose was pressed flat against his face. He stopped, realizing his nose could not have struck the front of the truck as he now was standing behind it. The fact that he had the ability to pass through trucks provoked no reaction whatsoever in the man, instead he pressed his fingers against the air in front of him. As I thought, thought the man as he started testing the seemingly impenetrable air with his fingers.

A growing sense of unease wakened in his stomach. He could not seem to pass his fingers through the air, moreover the man was unable to see anything different about the area. Somehow he knew that waking so close to the border of your territory was unheard of, which was the only reason he felt the need to test the air at all, but to anyone else the most obvious irregularity would have been the slow monotonous music of a foreign voice telling him “one hundred… and fifty” seemingly from the depth of his mind. Despite this the man kept pressing his fingers against different parts of the border, just to make sure that indeed it was the end of his territory. But of course, he thought irregularities often appear concerning the first of each week, this must be the case here.

The man again unsurprised at the information seemingly devoid of a source. No longer interested, the man turned away from the invisible wall and peered into the windows of one of the many almost identical white houses. Old age well, organ failure, how boring. He thought as he moved on to a house nearby. Car accident eh? He thought and started walking down the middle of the road again. He knew that it could take days, weeks, months and even years before he actually found someone that piqued his interest enough that he would alter their lives. Just finding something like a car accident was a rather rare occasion.

After inspecting a few more houses, cancer and heart failure seem almost too regular, what’s wrong with this neighborhood? He thought, and was getting rather bored, however slowly he could feel an ominous presence closing in. He could sense that someone whose life had been changed was nearing his position. And at the same time he could feel that the cause changed for the people living in the house he was closest to, now when he examined the married couple sitting on the couch in front of the TV, the foreign voice in his head whispered murder.

Inactivity and Activity, Activity and Inactivity

As always the inactivity on this blog is due to what I lack in inspiration but also in willpower, whenever I think about starting to post regularly is when I get closer to the end of that period of half-activity, probably because of my hatred of routine.

Feeling of clearness.

Have you ever felt the feeling of clearness that often follows after a realization of such a size that it aptly sends chills through your body, in the following seconds time seems to slow down a bit and calmness spreads throughout your mind and body, together with a feeling of clearness, that whatever question you chose to pursue at the moment you will be able to and also at the moment you seem to have a deeper understanding of things answers that have avoided you for so long seem to be at the tip of your tongue, maybe even present in your mind completely.

Maybe it’s an increase in adrenalin, maybe it’s not, it’s probably some sort of chemical reaction, but nevertheless with the shortcomings of scientific knowledge today who’s to say there’s not another aspect to the effects of the mind and body.