Inactivity and Activity, Activity and Inactivity

As always the inactivity on this blog is due to what I lack in inspiration but also in willpower, whenever I think about starting to post regularly is when I get closer to the end of that period of half-activity, probably because of my hatred of routine.



I’ve always been at a loss when asked to place my blog in a certain category, my posts I can easily categorize but when it comes to the whole blog, I’m thinking you might as well ask what color a carpet of 100 different colors is. What category would my blog fit in ? Any suggestions? Other than that I feel like I should start writing something other than info about myself and the blog again.  I guess I will try later today.


I don’t know why I keep doing this, usually I can’t keep an interest in something for long, and it seems the same with blogging only that it comes back time and time again, the desire to write something where other people will read it, I am a little mad with myself for not being able to keep up blogging at least once a week, more than a little. I am at a loss at what to do with myself sometimes, if this keeps up I will change the subject of my studies several times only to end up doing something I lost interest in before I even started. I also don’t know if anyone will read this, I hope they will, somehow I always hope old readers will remember me and come back all by themselves every time I start blogging again, if I could help them along I would, but doing anything at all on dial-up is enormously time consuming, but I will get to it after this if I have time.

At any rate, here I am again, the amount of time I will remain is unknown, what I will post about is unknown, and if there will be anyone reading it is equally unknown.


Here I am sitting in the living room in the house that is a part of a farm that is devoid of people almost every week of the year, watching the sun disappear on the mountain of the other side of the fjord. Getting frustrated because a fly that is crawling all over me and the way too loud sounds coming from the television is intruding on my train of thought, as if trying to stop me from blogging even now. Even so I am determined to finish this one post, this one first post notifying of a new short period where i will post regularly, I always am,  let’s hope that it will be different this time, I know I do.

Blogging “Schedule”

I’ve decided that for the next 2 weeks I will spend at half an hour every 2 days on my blog, if it’s writing a post surfing for inspiration or surfing for traffic I don’t know yet but probably a mix of the three and hopefully I will spend more time than that, also I hope that by doing this I will gain and keep more readers that are not afraid to comment.

Untitled, for now.

So here I am again, disgusted with my own blog’s inactivity and my own uncreativity, I mean look at me, I can’t even think up a title much less write poems/anything else creative. Therefore I decided to sit down, take a deep breath and try to force something out by force. (Yes the force!)  My computer was unusable for most of a day and had under 3 gigabytes of space for half this week, finally today the new harddrive arrived but had some problems installing it as it didn’t want to be a slave. There’s one thing that frustrates me more than anything else about my blog and it is the lack of feedback, whoever you are I don’t care how old you are, how smart you are, how well-read or if you even have a blog of your own, if you read my posts please comment, feel free to tell me how bad the post is or how good it is or what could make it better/what makes it a bad post. I’m always trying to improve my blogg but it’s a bit hard without feedback, do you think my posts are messy, comment, if u loved the post, comment(would cheer me up as well), if you disagree with my post, comment, even if u hate my post, comment and make me understand what you hated about it. Also surf carefully these days, from what i hear some ugly stuff is being camouflaged these days.

Have a great weekend!


At last the summer has arrived along with a 2 months long vacation, wherein I find myself without much to do.
Most of my friends have already gone somewhere, the rest are either busy or even more lazy than myself, so basically i don’t have anything to do until the evenings. So i figured it would be a good idea to start my blog back up.
Even as most of the people I know, including other people than my friends, most of have summer as a favourite part of the year, sitting inside or outside, bored for the most of the time, i’m not so sure, also I’m painting our fence which is turning out to be even more boring than i ever imagined, and after a 2 day test, i showed symptoms of a mix of mild tourettes and a less aggresive ADHD than perhaps what most of you think of when the term ADHD comes up. I don’t have a sufficient vocabulary in english to explain exactly what troubles this presents for me, but I cannot do anything without reason or motivation, instead of what would seem like regular laziness to most people but it is close to impossible for me to do something that I am unmotivated to do.

Poetry among other things.

The weird smile.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating like a huge pyre.
The dunes of sand stretched out as far as the eye could see.
The sting of sun upon uncovered skin felt like the sting of a bee.
A man dressed in black, stood on a dune and watched over to the east.
His eyes were crazed, his mind was dazed, and he thought he saw a feast.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating like a huge pyre.
The man had no water, and he had not had a drink since the end of the last week.
He should have been dead but his soul did not break loose and leave him with a shriek.
He could barely stand as his eyes saw only the feast.
He could not move nor walk, no, not in the least.

The sun a coin of molten fire.
Heating lite a huge pyre.
The man tried to move and as a result was forced to fall.
He had not realized the dune he was on had a drop quite so tall.
As he landed below the top of the dune he had sank down to his hips.
His mind was lost as he thought he was swimming and kissing a woman on the lips.
The heat of the sand he was in, forced his death to come to.
Though he died of thirst in a desert he was smiling weirdly at you.
The last thing he did, in his mind at least, was something desirable to do.
He had actually lived for more than a year in fact one hundred and two.

Major changes coming up for this blog:
I am going to add categories for you to easily be able to read what you like best.
I am going to post several times a week for a longer period of time.
I am going to keep “The blog of the Week” alive and might even add an award given time.
I am going to do my best to improve the design and content.

Also, I strongly reccomend that you visit this week’s blog of the week, New York Nitty-Gritty.
Otilius has an amazing eye when it comes to taking pictures.

Latest news.

For those who have turned reading my blog into a daily or semi-daily/weekly habit, it may seem that I have deliberately eluded posting anything to my blog due to not being interested in it at all.
This however is not the case, I have been away from “cyber space” because I was visiting some relatives that does not have a computer with internet connection, so I have simply been unable to post something or fix anything on my blog.
But even before I left, a lot of time passed betweend the posting of each post , due to my striving to make my blog better.
Sadly I have to say that this was a bucketful of wasted effort as I used my time to think of a new slogan or background or minor details about my blog’s design instead of filling up my blog with content.
As it is I’m planning to post at least another part of “the ‘retired’ assasin” series and fix the contents of the the first three parts of it.

The president of the UPD
(United Posts of Dust on a dusty road)