One hundred.. and Fifty (Fiction)

The man opened his eyes slowly, and to his surprise found himself standing in the middle of a road in something remotely similar to the American suburbs he had once known so well. He paid no notice to the truck heading his way, and continued walking towards it. The first sign of impact was when his nose was pressed flat against his face. He stopped, realizing his nose could not have struck the front of the truck as he now was standing behind it. The fact that he had the ability to pass through trucks provoked no reaction whatsoever in the man, instead he pressed his fingers against the air in front of him. As I thought, thought the man as he started testing the seemingly impenetrable air with his fingers.

A growing sense of unease wakened in his stomach. He could not seem to pass his fingers through the air, moreover the man was unable to see anything different about the area. Somehow he knew that waking so close to the border of your territory was unheard of, which was the only reason he felt the need to test the air at all, but to anyone else the most obvious irregularity would have been the slow monotonous music of a foreign voice telling him “one hundred… and fifty” seemingly from the depth of his mind. Despite this the man kept pressing his fingers against different parts of the border, just to make sure that indeed it was the end of his territory. But of course, he thought irregularities often appear concerning the first of each week, this must be the case here.

The man again unsurprised at the information seemingly devoid of a source. No longer interested, the man turned away from the invisible wall and peered into the windows of one of the many almost identical white houses. Old age well, organ failure, how boring. He thought as he moved on to a house nearby. Car accident eh? He thought and started walking down the middle of the road again. He knew that it could take days, weeks, months and even years before he actually found someone that piqued his interest enough that he would alter their lives. Just finding something like a car accident was a rather rare occasion.

After inspecting a few more houses, cancer and heart failure seem almost too regular, what’s wrong with this neighborhood? He thought, and was getting rather bored, however slowly he could feel an ominous presence closing in. He could sense that someone whose life had been changed was nearing his position. And at the same time he could feel that the cause changed for the people living in the house he was closest to, now when he examined the married couple sitting on the couch in front of the TV, the foreign voice in his head whispered murder.


“Impossible”, a short story?

This will be my first attempt to write something in quite some time, so I decided to try to write something other than fantasy, something different, so anyway here we go. (Due to my imagination maybe it will end up as a fantasy story later on.) If you get offended by seeing someone swear two times in 1000 words you should not read this. 🙂


A bead of sweat formed slowly on the left eyebrow of a young brown haired man as he drew a deep breath. This had not happened before, never. Why is he here? he thought, trying to figure out some way out of the mess he was in. It was so easy he thought, oh so easy. So why not now? Why was he rendered unable to do it? Chemicals he said, it’s only a chemical reaction you idiot!

The brown haired man was standing in a rather small room, facing the man that he considered his best, and only, friend. The man he faced had been standing as close to perfectly still as humanly possible, but now he seemed to relax and walked slowly towards the brown haired man. It’s alright, the man said, I told her Ted, it’s alright, you haven’t done anything wrong. The brown haired man, Ted, looked incredulously at the man he was facing. You told who?

Ted asked, and forcibly stopped himself from scowling. Staring at the man in front of him, the man wore a green sweater with glaring red dots all over it. Thump! a wooden baseball bat impacted with the left side of Ted’s head with considerable force. Ted’s eyesight wavered, and as he fell sideways to the floor, the 9mm Glock flew out of his hands. Me said a voice, a woman’s voice. Impossible he whispered, barely audible, I shot you in the h.. The woman cut him off with a short laugh, Impossible? She asked, Hardly. You see, Ted Everything is possible.

Ted laughed, No, not everything. This is impossible, this is a dream, yes a nightmare, it must be so! Ted whispered fiercely as he moved his left hand slowly towards the knife in his left pocket. I’m crazy, oh so crazy. He thought and felt like laughing again because of the stupidity of the woman who did nothing to stop him. His hand was half way into his pocket when he noticed that the knife was elsewhere. The woman laughed her soft silent laugh yet again. Looking for this? Ted on the other hand was not even slightly amused, he turned over, onto his back and froze as he noticed his knife, a huge recently sharpened knife, was placed inches from his face.

“Beasts do not use weapons”, those are your words Ted. She said, “Not because it makes it difficult, no, because killing with their feet and hands and teeth feels better, so much better” I’m not a beast woman, I didn’t try to do this for enjoyment I was just bored. Ted said, and all amusement drained from her face, replaced by anger. “In a worst case scenario, make them lose their composure, and strike quickly after.” Ah, the joys of being a realistic man. He thought, although he had never imagined the “worst case scenario” as being outmaneuvered by a simple woman.

Of course, the reason I chose to target a woman, is because of they are such horrible hypocrites. They go on and on about how shallow men are, and yet given half a chance they would be ten times more shallow than the men they “hate” so much. They are weak, they get half disabled when pregnant, they’re not even smarter, besides if we do not kill say around half of them, over populating the world will become the largest threat to the world itself in all of our existence. Ted smiled of course, being the smart young man that he was ted did not think of women that way, no he only disliked most of them. If I can just keep talking for a little while I will get back my ability to move properly.

He thought, an abrupt movement made him focus on the woman again just in time to notice the weight of a full grown woman landing on top of him and a knife rushing down towards his throat, DAMN!, Am I really going to end like this? Me ending like this, there’s just no way, that’s impossible! He thought frantically, Don’t kill me! He said, just as the knife stopped dead, only having cut through the skin on the left side of his neck. No amusement was left on the woman’s face, only cold determination was left. Will you do what I tell you to Theodore Auswald? She said calmly, her blue eyes staring firmly into his green ones. Wait, how do you know my name? Ted said, eyes wide in surprise, he was sweating slightly as he tried to think of a possible escape route.

If you won’t, she said, trailing the knife down his torso, down to his belt. Then this thing goes first, she said touching his zipper with the tip of the knife. You men are so laughably useless, we don’t even need you to reproduce anymore, hah! Ted swallowed hard, You can’t do that, you’re a cop right? He said, trying to somehow move under her weight. And? Like I said, nothing is impossible, if I want I can have you saying that you did it yourself before we arrive at the station. She said in an amused tone, accompanied by a wide smirk. No, Ted thought and was well aware that he was losing his composure, there was nothing he could do to stop it given the choice he was just handed.

But, he thought, considering his situation trying to find an escape, seconds later, he realized what he had to do. Okay he whispered as if he was embarrassed. The woman raised her left eyebrow and said, Just remember what happens if you don’t. She placed the knife between her jeans and her belt and rose, You get up too. She said, Hah, what a stupid woman. She still faced him as he staggered up and as he rose himself to a crouch, he smashed the flat of his hand into her nose, placed his knee firmly in her stomach and gave her a blow to the right side of her head with his left hand, a combination that would have sent any regular human to the ground, but she just stood there, coughed once and said Do not hit me or kick me again, that’s an order. She said. I felt her nose brake, I hit the side of her head hard enough to knock out a grown man, and she coughs once? Ted thought and it was then that Ted noticed a small hole that went straight through her head, and realized only her hair had hidden it until now.

What the hell? Ted thought, and started backing away from the thing that looked like a woman….

Notes: Just to clearify, this is not the end. Lying in the bed and writing with the laptop on top of my stomach is in a way easier than sitting in a chair and typing, maybe the ideas originate from the pillow.


Before i have told you about the good commenting to do to your blog, interested visitors that actually will read some of your blog, links back and even comments back most of the time. I do not believe that this applies to spam, I wonder how I even get this many spam comments as it is, I got more spam comments than visitors to my blog, probably it’s some sort of evil spam bot that should never have been made in the first place, that tries to place links on unprotected blogs, with no concern of what those links (often to adult sites and at the very least almost never has anything to do with the blog at all) I wonder what kind of people put the ruthless spam bot to work to spread links that probably would not help at all, and I wonder what motivates them to try something like spamming out their links.

Maybe they think that it will somehow bring them a mass of interested visitors and make their businesses or sites succesful, earning them money, sounds like something someone unknowing would do. Thinking that there is something out there that will help them like that without them doing anything special. Well, I will advise anyone who think they can achieve anything by spamming to take a second, read a few lines on the blog you are viewing, (or on any blog instead of using a spam bot, you can search a blog search engine for topics that has something to do with your own) and then post a comment related to the actual post with your name/alias and the url to your site (almost any commenting service will offer you to do that seperately from the actual post.)

Afterthought: I wonder what the automatic generated related posts system is up to, apparently my post is related to this: “Gemma Arterton Steamy Scene with James Bond” uhhh, how?


When writing I find that just following the life of one person is very unsatisfying I cannot release my imagination into my writing to an extent that I find perfect. This will be somewhat different but in the end it takes place in the same imaginary world of mine, and I assure you, in my head there are room for hundreds of those. Maybe I will write something that is not a part of the fantasy genre later on.

“How fares the hunt?” A woman inquired of her officer, “Terrible, this guy is the real deal and so far he’s beaten up two whole claws numbering about three hundred well-trained soldiers, if I may say so milady I think we would be hard pressed if we put our whole army up against him.” She sighed, “We have lost three hundred to a single youth? That shouldn’t be possible, everyone is wearing resistant armor.” The young officer shook his head, “No milady, you misunderstood me, he literally beat them up. And about the armor, it did not prove very effective against his staff, oh no milady it did not.” The woman stared disbelievingly at the officer, “Are you trying to tell me that a single youth “beat up” two of my claws with a stick of wood?” The young officer started studying the tips of his boots very intently “Not exactly a stick milady, it seemed that it was somehow improved, unbreakable if you will, yet it was long, thin and elastic giving each blow a sickening capacity combined with his strength, speed and agility.” She sighed yet again, louder this time The difficulty of our work is proven yet again, will there ever be a stop to this madness ? She thought, “Any weaknesses?”

“None as far as I could tell, for a time they tried to wound him with arrows, but even when they used the resistant ones he evaded them all milady.” Her eyes widened, dodging dozens of resistant arrows loosed as one, what is this lad?
“Call the remaining claws together, I doubt he will be able to defeat a paw singlehandedly.” “Yes milady.” He said and ran off towards the encampment. Sadly, with these people you never know.. At least hes one of those brainless killers, oh holy lord, we might actually have to bring this one with us. Never before had there been one that had not presented a danger to all their lives, so they had simply disposed of them. With rather large losses each time yes but nothing like this, the ones they had encountered before had ignored physical training beyond endurance and strength leaving them almost powerless to resistant armor and weapons. But, there were of course weaknesses to the troops, the unprotected spots of skin was more than enough to allow one of those special humans to destroy them in the blink of an eye, however no matter how special a human being could be they died like the rest when pierced by dozens of arrows.

The wind slowly, almost lazily blew over the tall trees bending the tiniest twigs back and forth. In the grass, in a relatively large circle devoid of trees sat a young man, seemingly meditating, both eyes closed, legs and arms crossed and sitting on a large flat rock. Abruptly his left eyelid flickered “That’s close enough, I don’t want to hurt more of you people. As I said before, I do not understand why you are attacking me at all, I haven’t broken any of the multiple laws in this country, not even the minor ones.” Among the trees, thinking themselves well hidden were 5 claws, numbering over seven hundred well-trained soldiers. Among them was the commander, and beside her one of the few scouts. “Is he really one of them?” She asked the scout, “Oh yes milady, hes one all right one of them damn warlocks!” The commander saw several of her troops flinching at the mention of the word ‘Warlock’ it was supposed to be unspoken, the Warlocks one referred to as those, indicating they were special somehow.

Warlock, the only kind of magician that was outlawed, for one reason only. Their potential, it was vast, way beyond something as minor as a regular sorcerer for one reason, the warlocks were the only type of magicians with the power to change the true nature of things, air to flames, water to sand, iron to water. Yes even if it seemed they were making things out of nothing most of the time (air being the main factor in all changes of course.) But even sorcerers would have been extremely dangerous if they could change the form of things on a large scale, but for them that is impossible, their abilities draw on their physical strength on a very different scale from warlocks. Whereas for a skilled warlock in a good physical condition could produce mountains or towns without overstepping their limit(the latter never having been a success due to the incredible amount of detail needed), a small hill or a couple of houses was pushing the limit for a masterful sorcerer in incredible physical shape.

The horrible stories of warlocks like ‘Torei the madman’ who made seas of fire wipe out entire cities at a time, luckily he left a few survivors in one of the cities(the third large one), that sought him out and killed him while he slept, more merciful than he deserved but alas they had no other choice at the time. There was also ‘Koldor the rainman’ who conjured rain of steel bombard anyone that seemed like enemies to him, and in his later years that was anyone. There were of course several other examples to this dreaded list resulting in warlocks being killed or thrown out by parents or friends as soon as signs appeared, only a few of the cases were resolved by death early in life because of the incredibly low amount of parents that would kill their child even if it would grow up to be a warlock. Yet in the 30 years since the outlawing of warlocks took place there had been but a single warlock that had been allowed to live relatively free her entire life, the rest had all earned the death penalty through resistance of the worst kind, namely murder of many of the troops that had come to bring them to the estates. The estates being a few houses very far from towns and cities where they with a few guards could live their lives, the last few weeks one of those houses had been occupied and it now looked like one more might become so too.

“So he’s stubbornly refraining from killing, also it seems like he doesn’t even use any of his acclaimed powers how do you know he is one?” She asked the scout, “Well, he has obviously read the law, stating that it is allowed to be a warlock as long as you don’t affect anyone around yourself with it, it seems he has taken it quite literally because the only thing he does with it is aid his own movements, increasing his speed, sometimes even I barely notice a blur of his staff, also decreasing his energy use. There is also the possibility that he has heard of us and knows that that approach is better than trying to force something through hundreds of soldiers armored in resistant armor. ” Resistant armor was simply armor with a few crystals embedded in the suits of armor, all of them from a mountain believed to be created by a warlock, the crystals had the power to return whatever assailed them to it’s original form making it impossible to attack the warriors with simple attacks like fire. “Well what are we waiting for,” She said after a while, and made a circle in the air with her right hand, signalizing attack. Sounds of hundreds of feet crashing down on grass made the young man rise from his position, “Stupid,” he whispered “you people never learn.”

The man was young, about six and a half feet tall, eyes both blue and green with short black hair. He wore a vest of black leather, on top of a grey linen shirt and grey woolen trousers. In his hands he held a long staff almost 6 feet long. The staff was of a dark, almost black wood and a little thicker than man’s a big toe, it was perfectly round, smooth and frighteningly straight. He had his hands placed a small distance from each other almost at the middle of the staff whirling it threateningly. He was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, the ones closest to him numbering perhaps sixty wielded bows, arrows notched and aiming for his arms, legs, hands and feet. “Do not move unless your life has no value to you.” One of the soldiers called out to him, “Oh, such arrogance.” He whispered to himself, in the blink of an eye he had closed the sixty feet to the nearest soldiers, as he completed a single full-length swing of his staff a dozen soldiers were lying on the ground clutching various parts of their bodies in intense pain.

The snaps of forty bowstrings announced the coming arrows, and at the same time a western wind stronger than a storm went through the clearing blowing each and every arrow off course, it also caused a few of the soldiers to topple. Meanwhile the young man continued his fighting dance, whirling, jumping, sliding and ducking. Every now and then the impact of his staff would lift someone off their feet and throw them backwards into the soldiers behind creating chaos in the ranks of soldiers. The ones that had previously wielded bows had realized the uselessness of it and joined the mass of soldiers that surrounded the young man, who whirled his staff at appalling speed constantly to keep the surrounding soldiers from coming too close damn, I can’t keep this up forever, at least last time they stubbornly kept to their small groups making it a lot easier for me. How about this? He thought as a strong wind started pushing outwards on all sides from the man, the success was limited as the really strong winds were impossible to create without time. The wounded soldiers kept falling to the ground and the young man kept moving away from them, slowly creating a way through the mass of soldiers only to create new individuals he had to get away from. Abruptly several hands grabbed both his legs and even has he swung down and heard bones break he was pulled to the ground and soldiers ran forth to help in the effort to keep him down. Damn he thought as a huge hand of stone dragged him and a few soldiers a foot of the ground and disappeared allowing him to rise to his feet again with a little help from the air. He started whirling the staff as fast as he could all the time, each impact throwing soldiers back up to ten feet, again he felt hands on his feet pulling but simply aimed his staff downwards, and even though the staff hit the rim of a shield the hands flew sideways dragging his feet with them throwing him head first onto a heavily armored soldier Damn, only a few hundred left. he thought as awareness escaped him.

May the last few days of easter treat you well.

Randomness, awaited(or maybe not) creative work.

Thank anyone who votes for me in BoB battles for the continued support somehow I keep winning which is unfathomable to me. Later in this post will be added some random part of a story I’ve worked on for some time, in my head that is. And remember that this is but a small part of that story. Don’t read this is you are easily shaken or feel offended by words, and remember that’s all it is and will ever be.

The wind travelled softly past the curtains covering the lone open window in a small room, the room was part of an inn, one of the more respected and well treated inns in the area, the wind brought with it the terrible stench from assorted animal dung and human sewage into the tiny room. The huge bed was one of two pieces of furniture in the room the other being a tiny table with a bowl of now cold water in it. The bed consisted of a massive oaken frame, with four bed posters, three of which had a rope tied around them, inside the frame was an old feather mattress, that had been expensive a long time ago. The rug that usually was on top of the mattress was lying on the floor to the right of the large bed, in it’s place was a young man. The young man was tall, 6 feet at the very least, with short and ruffled brown hair. He was wearing a thin woolen shirt and something that would have passed for woolen trousers if they had not been thin enough to be almost opaque. Both of the young man’s arms and his left foot was tied to the nearest of the bed posts. The young man lying in the large bed in the middle of the rented room started noticing the not quite subtle steps that were made all around him, he slowly opened his eyes to such a tiny exctent that the intruders would not notice that he had come to from his deep state of sleep.

The intruders were women dressed in cloth of such a dark grey that it seemed like black in the unlit room, and as his mind neared complete awareness he recognized them and as a result he drew a sudden loud breath and the women froze for a second, there were three, no four of them. “Shit,” he whispered “I know who you are.” his whisper was frantic but at the same time he seemed angry. “Damn, he woke early.” One of the women whispered, “Well nothing to fear, just one foot left anyway.” As in response, the young man slammed his only untied foot into the stomach of the only woman within his reach. The impact slammed the young woman into the nearest wall and merely luck kept her ribs from breaking. “Don’t come closer or I..” he stopped as the nearest woman in a flash of movement half-lay half sat upon him, pressing the blade of a small knife against his throat. “Why don’t you stop right about there boy.” She said, flashing him a wild smile. “You know, men are so predictable, instead of keeping their calm and thinking a situation through they panic, they always do, just like you did now. Do you think the choice you made a few seconds ago wise now?” She said silently, the young man slowly shook his head. “I thought not, now tie the remaining leg..” “Please don’t” he silently interrupted, the woman raised a questioning brow “Don’t do it” “I haven’t done anything, I never raped a woman, I haven’t even hurt one.” he continued the words interrupted by frantic breaths. The woman who now sat on top of his chest sighed, “That’s not what I heard, and if you do not quiet down soon I will be forced to do it for you.” She said. Is he really lying? How can anyone look that innocent without trying to anyway, no he must just be trying to look that way she thought. And showed him the piece of dirty cloth in her left hand. The woman started slicing cutting his shirt in half while the two women that remained standing tied his right foot to the nearest post. “I won’t drink it” He said, refering to the herbal tea that forced men to erection against their will, that he had heard about in the tales about these women, seemingly they had encountered problems with that while attempting to rape the notorious rapists he had heard about. “I doubt that you will need to.” She said noticing the bulge between the man’s legs. “Shit” he said, and blushed slightly noticing for the first time the beauty of the woman sitting on top of him, she was more than gorgeous, perfect black hair, sparkling blue eyes and the most.. Holy horse dung I am stupid he thought, I am about to be raped and all I can think about is the looks of my attackers, where did my brains fly off to he wondered. The woman smiled at his slight blush, but didn’t notice the bulge diminishing as the young man thought of the most disgusting things he had ever seen, larvae crawling inside the corpse of an unknown beheaded man. He drew a deep breath just as she tore the remnants of his woolen shirt off him, she quickly rose herself off his chest and silently jumped down on the floor. “Third?” She said, “Yes, first?” one of the women answered, somehow the voice seemed familiar to the young man, impossible he thought. “He’s all yours.” she whispered happily, her smirk making her white teeth glow in the dark. “What do you meaarrhg” the young man was interrupted as the woman known as the first shoved the piece of filthy cloth into his mouth.

The woman known as the third rose onto the bed and sat down on top of the young man’s belly, his eyes were pleading her not to. Every fibre of his body is begging me not to, gods, after all this, and I can’t do it. She sighed and said, “He didn’t do it.” , “Didn’t do what” the first asked, “He didn’t do it, he never raped anyone, I lied about it.” The first visibly shivered in anger “You what? Oh by the lord above, why would you do such a thing? I must admit I was sceptical as the innkeeper praised him as highly as she did, and I’ve never heard her talk well of a man before, but it was your word against hers and I trusted yours..” The third shrank away from the judging look the first gave her, “It’s just that it’s been my turn for weeks now, and this guy seemed suspiscous enough.” she said refusing to meet the first’s eyes, “Suspiscious?” she muttered in reply “This is the most wide-eyed innocent lad of his age I have ever seen, for all I know you might as well be in love with the poor lad. And as I have told you before, this is a scenario that should have never occured, selecting innocent targets lowers us to the level of the rapists causing fear not only among them but men in general, and as we all know, fear is dangerous..” She was interrupted by the young man spitting the dirty cloth out, “That’s you Erin, isn’t it?” He nearly shouted at the woman sitting atop him, abruptly a hand hit him hard on the side of his neck and his he fell down on the pillow, the man now unconcious. “Oh holy lord, you know him too? You’ve just about given this lad a death sentence without him doing anything, anything at all.” The third stared at her trembling hands, “We could take him with us” She said silently.. A few minutes later the four of them were trying to manouever the limp body of a man through the relatively small window and onto the street just a foot or two below, “Great oh just bloody great.” The first muttered, not seeing the small satisfied grin of the third, once again she had gotten what she wanted.

That will be it for now i think, will add more later.

The unbelievable adventures beyond the border of human civilization.

First of all this is me from the present, at the moment I am sitting typing the keyboard of a crappy portable with dialup internet while a commercial including a incredibly beatuiful well tanned young woman in red underware. After writing a while I disconnected the internet to save my grandma some money.

Second of all, the plane trip was nothing like how I imagined/predicted it to be. First of all they took my shaving cream and reprimanded me for not showing them my toothpaste and hairwax while passing through the first security check, then there was a long slightly dull wait for the plain to arrive and due to the boarding pass not showing the gate number and no tv screens showing anything but commercials I had to be called up to realize what gate I was supposed to board the plane through. After that the decided that I had to check in my backpack because it weighed about 500 grams too much for me to bring it into the plane as handbaggage. After this I bought 2 tasteless pieces of pizza and 0.5 liters of watered pepsi for  15 bucks. After I finished eating and drinkin the less than mediocre meal I sat down and continued reading the last book of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I enjoyed it. I liked the book well enough overall except for George killing all of my favorite characters and that there was no real end to the series by the end of the book. After reading for an hour and a half I went down to my assigned gate at Værnes Lufthavn Trondheim and proceded through without waiting in line and entered the plane. When I seated myself next to an emergency exit one of the “cabin crew” approached me and asked if I knew how to open it, I answered with my usual “Huh?” and then she proceded to explain how it was done and I decided to ignore her, of course I knew how, I almost felt insulted. After reading for a while I managed to get off at the wrong airport, lost in the book I had not heard them mentioning what airport we were landing at.  After that everything went smooth and my 2 years older male cousin drove me home after we ate pizza at a restaurant. I arrived at my Grandmother’s place arround 23.45.

The next morning or rather, afternoon, I went out of bed got dressed in a hurry, ate dinner for breakfast and my first adventure proved to be disposing of a dead bird lying dead in her garden near her strawberry field, I managed with my incredible intellect to steer the dead bird onto a spade with a medium sized rock. I proceded to the never used beachline where I dropped the bird on the ground, dug a small hole. Then I looked at the bird and it reminded me of an albino, white feathers red eyes. I proceded to shove it down  into the hole and then moved the pile of dirt back into the hole covering the dead bird, then I moved a 60 pound rock ontop of the hole so that anyone should not dig it up by mistake.

My next incredible achievement proved to be mowing the lawn outside her house in about an hour for a payment of around 33 bucks I also obtained a few wounds manouvering the lawn cutting machine near her thorny rosebushes.

The day after I cycled out to my female cousin’s son, who’s about my age, we spent most of the day playing playstation, but also we went outside and there I did something that I have not done in years, I climbed trees. Lol

I spent the following days either at my friends house playing playstation 2 2 player with him or at my grandmother’s house in front of my books, the televison or talking to her or various visitors. Then my uncle and aunt arrived. The day I arrived I rented “The children of men” it sucked, it was so boring that I didn’t even finish it. The day after I rented “The Illusionist” a rather good movie in my opinion, much more entertaining than “The children of men” to be sure. The same day, my entire family arrived. My father and brother as alike each other as they are different from me, practical and good at maths, not a creative bone or drop of blood or brain mass in their entire body. Then there’s me the younger brother who maintains a blog with little success, hopes to be a writer, messes up in school and still my parents claim that my grandmother likes me better. Lol, and then theres my annoying baby-sister. They arrived at about 22.10 while I was watching “C.S.I” the episode was about a crazy pigfarmer  who killed himself and a small cult who believed in a reptile/human super race. Man the episodes are just getting weirder and weirder, I guess they’re running out of ideas or something.

I hope you all have a great summer and I will be announcing a  new blog of the week shortly.

Reccomendations: “The song of ice and fire” series by George R. R. Martin, “The malazan book of the fallen” series by Stephen Erikson, These series are masterworks within the Fantastic Litterature category, they are both inventive, thrilling, well written and surprising.

I also reccomend the movie “The Illusionist” “Where nothing is at it seems” Allthough I understood early on in the movie what the real illusion was about it was very entertaining, within the story exists the traitorous plans of a crown prince to an empire, his unwilling wife-to-be and a corrupt police detective.

I repeat, have a great summer.