“Self programming”… works?!?

I am one of those people that generally thinks “bs until proven otherwise” about many things. And this whole “self programming” concept used to be one of these things. I’m also one of those people that if not woken I would just keep sleeping until the middle of the evening, and yet, after lying in bed telling myself inside my head “I will wake up at 10 am. I will wake up at 10 am.
I will wake up at 10 am. I will wake up 5 hours from now” (I had fallen asleep around 1 am and woken up at 3:30 am and went to bed again around 4 am.) And hey what do you know, I fall asleep shortly after and defying my true nature and what I thought about “self programming” I wake up at 10:15 am. I’m thinking “I will make 1 million bucks with my blog” comes next :p.


The unbelievable adventures beyond the border of human civilization.

First of all this is me from the present, at the moment I am sitting typing the keyboard of a crappy portable with dialup internet while a commercial including a incredibly beatuiful well tanned young woman in red underware. After writing a while I disconnected the internet to save my grandma some money.

Second of all, the plane trip was nothing like how I imagined/predicted it to be. First of all they took my shaving cream and reprimanded me for not showing them my toothpaste and hairwax while passing through the first security check, then there was a long slightly dull wait for the plain to arrive and due to the boarding pass not showing the gate number and no tv screens showing anything but commercials I had to be called up to realize what gate I was supposed to board the plane through. After that the decided that I had to check in my backpack because it weighed about 500 grams too much for me to bring it into the plane as handbaggage. After this I bought 2 tasteless pieces of pizza and 0.5 liters of watered pepsi for  15 bucks. After I finished eating and drinkin the less than mediocre meal I sat down and continued reading the last book of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I enjoyed it. I liked the book well enough overall except for George killing all of my favorite characters and that there was no real end to the series by the end of the book. After reading for an hour and a half I went down to my assigned gate at Værnes Lufthavn Trondheim and proceded through without waiting in line and entered the plane. When I seated myself next to an emergency exit one of the “cabin crew” approached me and asked if I knew how to open it, I answered with my usual “Huh?” and then she proceded to explain how it was done and I decided to ignore her, of course I knew how, I almost felt insulted. After reading for a while I managed to get off at the wrong airport, lost in the book I had not heard them mentioning what airport we were landing at.  After that everything went smooth and my 2 years older male cousin drove me home after we ate pizza at a restaurant. I arrived at my Grandmother’s place arround 23.45.

The next morning or rather, afternoon, I went out of bed got dressed in a hurry, ate dinner for breakfast and my first adventure proved to be disposing of a dead bird lying dead in her garden near her strawberry field, I managed with my incredible intellect to steer the dead bird onto a spade with a medium sized rock. I proceded to the never used beachline where I dropped the bird on the ground, dug a small hole. Then I looked at the bird and it reminded me of an albino, white feathers red eyes. I proceded to shove it down  into the hole and then moved the pile of dirt back into the hole covering the dead bird, then I moved a 60 pound rock ontop of the hole so that anyone should not dig it up by mistake.

My next incredible achievement proved to be mowing the lawn outside her house in about an hour for a payment of around 33 bucks I also obtained a few wounds manouvering the lawn cutting machine near her thorny rosebushes.

The day after I cycled out to my female cousin’s son, who’s about my age, we spent most of the day playing playstation, but also we went outside and there I did something that I have not done in years, I climbed trees. Lol

I spent the following days either at my friends house playing playstation 2 2 player with him or at my grandmother’s house in front of my books, the televison or talking to her or various visitors. Then my uncle and aunt arrived. The day I arrived I rented “The children of men” it sucked, it was so boring that I didn’t even finish it. The day after I rented “The Illusionist” a rather good movie in my opinion, much more entertaining than “The children of men” to be sure. The same day, my entire family arrived. My father and brother as alike each other as they are different from me, practical and good at maths, not a creative bone or drop of blood or brain mass in their entire body. Then there’s me the younger brother who maintains a blog with little success, hopes to be a writer, messes up in school and still my parents claim that my grandmother likes me better. Lol, and then theres my annoying baby-sister. They arrived at about 22.10 while I was watching “C.S.I” the episode was about a crazy pigfarmer  who killed himself and a small cult who believed in a reptile/human super race. Man the episodes are just getting weirder and weirder, I guess they’re running out of ideas or something.

I hope you all have a great summer and I will be announcing a  new blog of the week shortly.

Reccomendations: “The song of ice and fire” series by George R. R. Martin, “The malazan book of the fallen” series by Stephen Erikson, These series are masterworks within the Fantastic Litterature category, they are both inventive, thrilling, well written and surprising.

I also reccomend the movie “The Illusionist” “Where nothing is at it seems” Allthough I understood early on in the movie what the real illusion was about it was very entertaining, within the story exists the traitorous plans of a crown prince to an empire, his unwilling wife-to-be and a corrupt police detective.

I repeat, have a great summer.

About me..

I realize that I’ve not let you know much about me, so I think it is about time I let the world know a few things about my person. I’m young, I bet you’ve realized that allready.. Anyhow, I’ve never experienced being in love and as it is of today, I dinstance myself from all the bs thats going on about everyone needing love cause I’m managing quite fine over here. I’m a bit paranoid, I hate self pity, in myself and in others, and most of the times I am almost content with my life, and this almost contentness sometimes leads to loneliness, depression, and hated self-pity which does not last more than a few minutes at a time cause I am able to think of other things or do something. Allthough I’m trying to make a few changes in it, I either am not motivated enough for it or simply do not have the will power to do it, cause I am failing at changing the daily course of my life. I have just been in Rome, and allthough a bit dissapointed at the taste of the food there vs. restaurants in small towns in Toscana, the food was definately not why I was there and the days went on like this. Breakfast – Sightseeing – Lunch – Sightseeing – Reading in my bed at the hotel – Dinner – More reading. I took a few photos, I think it was 100 or 200. I will get about adding them later.
I don’t have a lot of friends, I have like 4-5 friends which I spend my weeks with. My hobbies are music, playing the base gituar and movies. Thats actually all I can come up with right now.

To rome for me…

Great men has once said that all roads leads to rome, and by saying “great men” I do not mean men whose power has enabled them to terrorize their people in terrible ways, I mean men who has had the wisdom to realize that even though the centre of wisdom did not exist, the centre of power was indeed the centre of power do exist, and this enables for the possibility of a centered world, that gets ideas and inspiration from the centre of power.
Somehow I find that the time has come for me to travel to this never forgotten once upon a time centre of power. I will see if I can bring you some photos of my own when i return.