The gender fixation and generalization disgusts me.

I see it every day, I hear it everyday, generalizing negative comments about men as a whole. It’s basically everywhere, youths today are basically taught that “most men” only think about one thing. And also while I may not hear this as much in public, there are a lot of “private talks” on the subject of women that have a rather negative turn. Gold diggers etc etc… I mean, honest to god I know pretty much as many superficial females as males, I know huge jerks of both genders, I know arrogant people of both genders, I also know great people of both genders, caring friends almost always up for an entertaining conversation.

Just a quick search on google gave me over 600 000 results for generalazing terms such as: “Men are pigs” “Women are whores” “Men suck” and “women suck”. What’s up with that? Stop bringing half our species into it when one person wrongs you, it’s like if a man\woman kills my friend, I’ll just go around killing random men\women saying “shouldn’t have killed my friend murderer”.
What’s up with the generalization? Give me a break already. Open your eyes, people are never the same, even twins. I have two words for you “men haters” and “women haters” that you honestly need to hear: Grow up.


Obama – Really the savior?

As I am an outsider, not living in the US, never having visited the US and knowing only a limited amount of US oriented people, I can’t help but wonder if I really get the correct picture. Most of what I hear about him comes from Jon Stewart’s sarcasm(weirdly enough accompanied by grimaces or remarks so strange you start to wonder why he’s not in some sort of asylum) and the regular news, not being a big fan of newspapers or news in general mainly because of all the hearsay/gossip and the amazing amount of information I couldn’t care less about. Well I’d rather not have it in my head anyway, I doubt that I’ve been given a realistic picture of what he’s really been up to, so if you are an American, and you have a spare minute, could you please tell me if you’ve noticed any actual difference after Obama gave his vows?`

As far as I have heard he’s having a difficulty running a policy that’s almost identical to the ones his worst “enemies” had when they were in charge.

Death, Really the end ?

It caught you didn’t it, the title I mean, Death, this might help you understand why there is so much of just that in the media, would any of you’ve read on if it said “how to dust your chair properly”?
Death, oh how it attracts humans’ attention, we’re like vultures lurking above looking for more of the dead.
Its an amazing thing, death, how it affects the human mind in so many different ways.
When you see a dead body you might be feeling in awe, utterly terrified and almost insanely intrigued at the same time.
I believe that one of the reasons many people actually feel intrigued by dead bodys is that it is so uncomprehendable to us humans that something might make us dissapear without anything left.
I’m not a christian or a buddhist or a muslim, and I’ve got no grudge towards them(or people who follow any other religious direction), their way of living, or their beliefs, I consider myself a mix of an atheist and an agnostic, since none of the religions contains something that I can connect to in unquestionable even doubtful belief.
But nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder if death really is the end, is it really an utterly devastating phenomenom that erases every single part of your person in a matter of seconds ?
Is it so, that when you die, there is
no more, you are no more?
One thing about death that makes it so scary is the uncertainty, “Do I continue living, or is this the end ?”, which leaves the option to become a memorable person, so that one can live on through other humans.
Not literally “live on” but having once’s actions redone by another person following your footsteps, or an opinion of yours being spread, these are just examples of what can happen after you have left your imprint on society.
Do you believe in afterlife ?
For myself, I don’t know yet, and I don’t know if I ever will be able to decide, before I leave this world to check the facts for myself.

I’ll try to write some more on “The retired assasin” Series and my book now.
Warmest regards to all readers,

Whoah, a new post..

I don’t know whats happened to me but I find that I have a lot less energy to do the things that I do in a day, and because my life is as hectic as it is somehow I manage to prioritize in a way that puts blogging far down the list. I say again, that this is not because I don’t like my blog, or to post, but simply because I have other priorities..
I already feel a bit more cheery.. (Seriously)

Important psychological question:

Well I’ve just been doing a bit of thinking on this subject lately, and I can’t help but wonder if men and women experience love for each other differently..
I do not intend to turn all “soapy” on you, and I hope you can see the philosophical value in discussing such a subject, so that you will allow me to go on without pressing the “x” formed button to the top right..
The downside is, that it is very difficult to prove that Men and Women experience love differently, or the opposite, because of the difficulty of actually expressing what you feel in words.
Lets say, what if Women felt love 100 times stronger than men, or the other way around, how would it affect the way humans would’ve lived ?
This of course is a dilemma when it comes down to writing as I have no idea what women feel when they fall in love/love someone… (Yes, I’m a guy, you’ve probably started to doubt that this is so by now, but I am, I really am.)
So should I just type down what I would feel in the given situation, or take a wild guess, and loose all female readers within a few seconds ?
(Perhaps I’ll just cut out women from the story altogether, and make up a new species that humans use for breeding ?)
So here it comes, (and I hate dedicating an ENTIRE POST to asking a question without getting any responses, so please respond!)
Do you think women and men experience love differently ?
(To all human beings out there: Does one become less a man from typing such posts and posting them onto your blog ? :P)
Well well, that’s it until next time..

Warmest regards,

Why it seems like fate exists sometimes…

All the people in the world is like one giant pond,
almost running out over the top of an edge.
Where every event is a wave of air brushing the pond,
Its strength determined by the event’s importance.

So lets say an earthquake hits San Fransisco right..
Then a wind would start disturbing the water,(a strong wind)
and the wave’s would spread throughout the pond,
disturbing almost everything in its way,
The seriousness of the disturbance decided by
how close the location was to the wave of air.

So if events decides how still or troubled the waters are,
Then your ability or inability to affect others,
depends on the water being still or troubled.

What I’m trying to say is,
Your life is as much controlled by incidents elsewhere,
or actions/choices made by others,
as by the actions/choices made by yourself.
It really is kinda creepy huh?
Its like a 50/50 shared responsibility for the happenings throughout your entire life.
Your own death is not entirely your fault, even if you kill yourself…
I mean, why would you kill yourself if you weren’t affected by anyone or anything?
Or how could you join the football team, if someone didn’t tell you it existed, and how you could do it?
It’s like a game of cards, only that the “dealer” are all the other people in your life,
and the cards are the events that happen around you.

I’m not quite sure wether I believe in fate or not..
I’m gonna live a little longer ‘fore I decide on something as vital as that 😛