Obama – Really the savior?

As I am an outsider, not living in the US, never having visited the US and knowing only a limited amount of US oriented people, I can’t help but wonder if I really get the correct picture. Most of what I hear about him comes from Jon Stewart’s sarcasm(weirdly enough accompanied by grimaces or remarks so strange you start to wonder why he’s not in some sort of asylum) and the regular news, not being a big fan of newspapers or news in general mainly because of all the hearsay/gossip and the amazing amount of information I couldn’t care less about. Well I’d rather not have it in my head anyway, I doubt that I’ve been given a realistic picture of what he’s really been up to, so if you are an American, and you have a spare minute, could you please tell me if you’ve noticed any actual difference after Obama gave his vows?`

As far as I have heard he’s having a difficulty running a policy that’s almost identical to the ones his worst “enemies” had when they were in charge.