Many Comedians are simply.. fake assholes on a stage?

Okay, I’m not gonna claim all comedians are assholes the point I’m trying to make is, but many act like they are on stage, and suddenly it’s funny. They complain about this and that, give example replys to example situations that would fit an asshole perfectly. If you meet one in real life, the natural reaction is to tell him/her get lost or even ignore him/her. But put them on a stage, BAM! It’s funny, what’s up with that? How is it funny? I don’t get it..


The gender fixation and generalization disgusts me.

I see it every day, I hear it everyday, generalizing negative comments about men as a whole. It’s basically everywhere, youths today are basically taught that “most men” only think about one thing. And also while I may not hear this as much in public, there are a lot of “private talks” on the subject of women that have a rather negative turn. Gold diggers etc etc… I mean, honest to god I know pretty much as many superficial females as males, I know huge jerks of both genders, I know arrogant people of both genders, I also know great people of both genders, caring friends almost always up for an entertaining conversation.

Just a quick search on google gave me over 600 000 results for generalazing terms such as: “Men are pigs” “Women are whores” “Men suck” and “women suck”. What’s up with that? Stop bringing half our species into it when one person wrongs you, it’s like if a man\woman kills my friend, I’ll just go around killing random men\women saying “shouldn’t have killed my friend murderer”.
What’s up with the generalization? Give me a break already. Open your eyes, people are never the same, even twins. I have two words for you “men haters” and “women haters” that you honestly need to hear: Grow up.