Finally made the switch. Blogger -> WordPress

In my eyes blogger has been outdated a while, even after their beta project went out of beta and all that. I just couldn’t get myself to let go of the custom template I spent so many hours customizing in its time. But after getting tired of the same old look I decided that I could make the switch as well as changing the look of my blog. Allthough it’s gonna be a new look it will still be the same content meaning: Random stuff, Poetry, Fantasy Writing, Random stuff, About Me, Random stuff.

Hope you all like the new look!


A few things + The new ‘Retired’ Assasin part.

Well because I decided to start up my blog again, which basically means start writing something that I like to call creative again, I decided to write a little something for the Retired Assasin. I will probably write more parts for the Retired assasin series later, and might even come up with a better name for it, because I have an uncompleted temporary storyline at the moment. So I’m sitting here on a close to useless portable pc writing this while even the program “Word” laggs the computer, hoping that someone will read this and enjoy it. Also I’d like a few comments. For those who do not know, “The ‘Retired’ Assasin” is in the medieval fantasy genre. The weather is quite bad at the moment, but due to a trip to one of the nearest towns, I seem to have mostly whatever I would need for when the weather gets better(hopefully). I wish you all a great summer from here.

The ‘Retired’ Assasin Part 9

The young man known as “ The Beast” by his enemies was wondering wether he should rejoice over their recent victory or not. Because from what he had heard, the king’s royal guard was supposed to be a larger force than the enemy they had just fought, and the council that chose him had also told him not to count on underestimation from the King and his advisors. Maybe they were simply trying to lull him into a false sense of security, and as he thought of it they had succeded in doing that to his men, he had actually had protests when he denied their request to start a huge campfire to celebrate, also when he denied them to pursue the retreaters, something that the men, his men had made into a tradition after entering the lands of the thieves. The stench of human and horse urine alike made it near unbearable to just sit still in the camp, causing a huge amount of noise because the soldiers all tended to weapons or horses or food, the food which had to be served cold due to Rendal’s orders, causing even more protests from his men.

Despite their protests none of them would even consider going against his orders because of what had happened last time in a similar situation. Rendal had proved that his “head was in the right place” over and over again. Also many of the seemingly crowded tents were basically falling apart, and the fact that there were trees almost everywhere made it hard to see even some order among it all. The camp looked like a lot of tents assorted randomly among the trees. Except for Rendal and Sarize’s Tents and a few other tents that was placed in a perfect circle around a clearing in which the ashes of past fires lay. The young man called Rendal was sitting on an improvised bench, of his own making. A broad plank balanced across two huge wooden stocks.

As he was imagining all apparent reasons for the enemy’s defeat he did not notice that one of his officers, hi only one to be exact, Sarize, was standing infront of him, until she cleared her throat loudly. “What?” He said irritably, “You’ve been sitting here for hours. The men, your men are loosing sight of what they are doing here in the woods, to them it was a surprise that you ordered a stop to their plans of pursuit of the thieves retreat.” He licked his lips slightly before answering, sounding rather annoyed. “Sarize, have i not told you already?” She sighed and looked severely at him with her round brown eyes. “Yes Rendal, but your men need to hear it from you it seems.” Rendal sighed loudly, Why don’t they get it? Sarize smiled at him, So young he thought. She was the oldest of the two, but he still felt that she was too young to be there. Too young to risk her life for a cause not her own, like himself.

The temporary end of Part 9. I am hoping to be able to add new additions to my blog as I’m going home tomorrow, and after that I will head north in Norway to stay at my grandmothers place and meet some of my relatives. I also hope that you will now comment after reading through. Hopefully I will also manage to add more poetry and/or fantasy writing as the summer continues.

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Also I’m planning on doing a “surf-a-ton” evening/night to tuesday to get some new readers.
Everybody have a great summer.