3 tips to improving a blog post

I don’t get how I managed to write posts before, somehow I’ve been left completely uninspired for the last few days, leaving me unable to write anything that would be interesting, also I haven’t seen any blogs that demand my interest lately so I haven’t got any other reccomendations to make than the ones I already have in my blogroll. So I decided to write down 3 of the things I use to improve my blog posts after I feel like I’m done with them.

1. Add pictures to any posts you find well fitting pictures for, remember to refer back to the site you borrowed the picture from, or if you have a few pictures yourself, you can use image uploading sites or if you have your own domain, you can upload them to your ftp server to make them accesible on the internet, then add it to your post.

2. Always (and I mean always) go through your post 2 or more times after you’re done writing it this is to ensure that everything you’ve written makes sense, and that there is no/little bad spelling and etc.

3 Read the post out loud to yourself/others this is to pick up anything nr.2 left out, and also makes it a lot easier to notice anything that doesn’t make sense and also misspelled words.


Starting over + Poem (Death is an Emotion)

It’s not so much that I’ve been busy as that I’ve been unmotivated and uninpsired for a long time. Finally, I feel like writing again, already I feel that tingling feeling in my stomach when something is exciting me, somehow the calm of writing seems to fit my mind and body well, I guess this is why I started a blog in the first place, well the first one was kind of a project to see how well it would go to convince people that I was an adult that knew much about marketing, and somehow some of my articles received praise and got added into article directories or other article sites, (this was at the age of 13 the year i turned 14) I even acheived a certain skill at designing a kind of website called a “splash page” basically used to get people to sign up to your newsletter(acheiving over 30 subscribers in a day once) but when I realized I had to wait over 4 years for it to actually earn me any money, my interest slowly faded away, and some time after that I decided to start a less formal blog, somewhere I could just write about anything, I remember I even had a post about blog marketing early on with small success, I must say that I believe having a blog has helped me uphold the “should have an A but too lazy” status in English, and I don’t think I have ever gotten a grade worse than C on anything no matter how little effort I put into it in English. As I am writing this I take a deep breath and pull my fingers through my hair, somehow this relaxes me when I get an overwhelming urge to move. Later I will visit a few blogsurfing site to see how the blogging world has gone without me, hopefully it will have changed for the better. I hope that this time I will be able to go on without as many pauses as before, hopefully I will manage to get a few comments as well, which is without a doubt my goal with this blog. I was never any good at ending posts, maybe poems, so I thought I’d put in the one and only poem I wrote during my blogging break.

Death is an emotion.

Death, when all that is left is emptiness, like the silence before a storm.

When you feel nothing therefore the only proof of your existence is your own awareness.

Death, the contradiction is clear yet not, alive yet dead dead yet alive.

Death, you leave all emotions behind to bathe in the devastating silence of yourself.

Death, when you deny your emotions the power to affect you, and numbness fills your whole being.

Death, when your feelings deny that you live, yet the fact that they exist proves them wrong.

Death, when all that is left is emptiness, like the silence before a storm.