I’ve always been at a loss when asked to place my blog in a certain category, my posts I can easily categorize but when it comes to the whole blog, I’m thinking you might as well ask what color a carpet of 100 different colors is. What category would my blog fit in ? Any suggestions? Other than that I feel like I should start writing something other than info about myself and the blog again.  I guess I will try later today.



Before i have told you about the good commenting to do to your blog, interested visitors that actually will read some of your blog, links back and even comments back most of the time. I do not believe that this applies to spam, I wonder how I even get this many spam comments as it is, I got more spam comments than visitors to my blog, probably it’s some sort of evil spam bot that should never have been made in the first place, that tries to place links on unprotected blogs, with no concern of what those links (often to adult sites and at the very least almost never has anything to do with the blog at all) I wonder what kind of people put the ruthless spam bot to work to spread links that probably would not help at all, and I wonder what motivates them to try something like spamming out their links.

Maybe they think that it will somehow bring them a mass of interested visitors and make their businesses or sites succesful, earning them money, sounds like something someone unknowing would do. Thinking that there is something out there that will help them like that without them doing anything special. Well, I will advise anyone who think they can achieve anything by spamming to take a second, read a few lines on the blog you are viewing, (or on any blog instead of using a spam bot, you can search a blog search engine for topics that has something to do with your own) and then post a comment related to the actual post with your name/alias and the url to your site (almost any commenting service will offer you to do that seperately from the actual post.)

Afterthought: I wonder what the automatic generated related posts system is up to, apparently my post is related to this: “Gemma Arterton Steamy Scene with James Bond” uhhh, how?


I don’t know why I keep doing this, usually I can’t keep an interest in something for long, and it seems the same with blogging only that it comes back time and time again, the desire to write something where other people will read it, I am a little mad with myself for not being able to keep up blogging at least once a week, more than a little. I am at a loss at what to do with myself sometimes, if this keeps up I will change the subject of my studies several times only to end up doing something I lost interest in before I even started. I also don’t know if anyone will read this, I hope they will, somehow I always hope old readers will remember me and come back all by themselves every time I start blogging again, if I could help them along I would, but doing anything at all on dial-up is enormously time consuming, but I will get to it after this if I have time.

At any rate, here I am again, the amount of time I will remain is unknown, what I will post about is unknown, and if there will be anyone reading it is equally unknown.


Here I am sitting in the living room in the house that is a part of a farm that is devoid of people almost every week of the year, watching the sun disappear on the mountain of the other side of the fjord. Getting frustrated because a fly that is crawling all over me and the way too loud sounds coming from the television is intruding on my train of thought, as if trying to stop me from blogging even now. Even so I am determined to finish this one post, this one first post notifying of a new short period where i will post regularly, I always am,  let’s hope that it will be different this time, I know I do.